I’m in love with a book called “How do you design? where you find more than 100 schemes to visualise a design process. All of them should lead to the same thing which represents a solved problem. When I left a design school and failed for a couple of times in practice I felt that I need something simple that will help to eliminate stupid mistakes. My design manifesto is built on three principles. Always be data informed and build empathy. Communicate through sketching and prototypesNever deliver something without validating it.

How this work in practice?*

Let’s say that you have a great idea to build an app.



I’m going to have a deep-dive interview with you and people around you.

I’ll check what’s going on within a context of your business.

I’ll observe and talk to people what’re their thoughts about your idea in order to explore their needs.






My task is simple – make sense out of the mess.

I’m going to explore and define patterns, motivations, blockers and other opportunities which I turn into insights.

I like to work with “how might we” questions because they represent thought triggers for us as human beings.





The world offers unlimited opportunities and we probably prioritised “how might we” questions together.

Let’s say that we’re going to run a small “design studio” with you and your colleagues to generate ideas.

We’re going to have several ideas as sketches at the end of a day.






I’m going to prototype the best ideas in order to validate the core of the concept.







Me or even better you and me could hire participants into the research studio but go to some Starbucks cafĂ©’s or railway station should give us initial feedback and indicators how we did it.

We’ll probably need few times get back and forth in order to have a strong concept.





Once time, budget or anything else run out we should have an answer to your idea which I’ll conceptualise so other people can build on. No worry, I’ll stay with you so any detail will be not misinterpreted on way towards a product or service.





*The process isn’t linear. We’ll jump back and forth because the world changes every day. But I promise to deliver what we agreed because my goal is to build a partnership.

Would you like to see concrete examples? Please, ask for portfolio.