I help companies to understand, frame and re-shape challenges they face within a digital environment. 


A team sport helped me to build a failing to win habit. Studying electro-technical engineering empowered me in the understanding of different materials. Starting from a zero in different countries learned me to break stereotypes and Swedish interaction design studies showed me that seemingly not related things can be connected. I love to dig under the surface perception, build experiments and learn through reflection to come with something that matters to people. I’ve participated in online retail, fin-tech, healthcare, travelling, education and game design projects. Currently, I shape my craft skills in the Seznam.cz company. Time to time, I give lectures about design principles in practice for use in problem-solving situations and doing side projects with the impact to keep myself outside a bubble. This is how I am #becomingDesigner.


I’m strong in concept development, user research & testing, prototyping and facilitating problem-solving situations.


Do you wonder how I work?